SEO, Email Campaigns & More

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in the success of your website. Your website needs to found to be relevant amidst a sea of competitors. If you want to sell your product or services, start with a proper approach to SEO. We'll develop your terms and phrases that makes your site friendly to search engines. Using the right backlinks, meta tags and overall structure your website should expose your website to people looking for what you offer. We can handle this for you.

Email Blasts

Emails blasts are a great way to keep your subscribers informed on any events, sales, promotions, etc. You'll first need to build your list with subscribers permission. Once you've established a solid receiver list, you can start promoting your offers. I'll be happy to handle this for you. The returns you get can be exponentially greater than the original investment.

Website Management

Your website is not generating traffic or has broken links, and you can't get in touch with your web developer. Maybe you tried the do-it-yourself approach but reached your limits. Why not just focus on your area of expertise and let me handle this for you. I am reliable and will find creative solutions to handle the task at hand.

Online Databases

Turn your old excel sheets into a secure Online app that you can access from anywhere. That could be an appointment book, a list of sales names this week or since the dawn of time, along with actual costs figures representing gains and losses. Sometimes Online automation just makes life easier for you.

Promotional Videos Revamped

Turn your videos into something more exciting and captivating by upping the level of creativity and quality. Yes, you are creative but just don't have the tecnical know-how. I can add those effects and extras that represents your company and products with the professionalism you want to convey. Contact me for a request.