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Social Media


Multiply Marketing Efforts with Social Media. Social Media strategies extend your personal and business networks in cyberspace, and can do so exponentially, in a short time.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are all leading social media sites for business networking and promotion as well as personal. They all offer free accounts, so use them all, and link them together where you can to make life easier. With social media, there no need to limit yourself to e-mail blasts and existing contacts.

LCS Webs can orient you to the world of social media marketing and the many free and low-cost ways to build your network and amplify your message to a super-wide audience. These are just a few examples:

  • Create hot videos on your YouTube page and link them to your website. Use social media to get the word out, and your video could go viral.
  • Create web coupons and discount offers and propagate widely on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites to generate more traffic.
  • Establish Twitter friends and followers and keep them interested with lively tweets.
  • Build your network on LinkedIn and watch 2nd and 3rd order connections multiply.
  • Develop free memberships in relevant online groups, and participate to build wider web visibility for your brand.

LCS Webs can assist you all along the way, helping you expand your presence and maintain a steady stream of traffic with periodic updates and fresh ideas.