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About me

With IT experience spanning digital prepress, graphic design, scripting and video editing, I bring my skill set to create and maintain dynamic websites. From simple personal and business websites to dynamic data-driven storefronts and checkout systems, I give you search-engine optimized (SEO) design and content to drive web traffic. As a a sole proprietor I work primarily on an independent basis in every facet of web design. The following is my experience in a nutshell.

I began Working in “prepress,” where I mastered both pre-press software as well as major design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.   (“Prepress” is all the work that goes into preparing designs before they go to press.) This experience allowed me to work in the field of graphic arts and digital graphics.

Understanding programming and scripting languages are major advantages for a web designer when working on your own. My in-law, who was studying for his bachelor’s degree, convinced me to go to school as well. I earned a diploma in Programming, which has come into play in understanding the back end code such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP, mySql, etc. that are critical for interactive and feature-laden websites. Going forward, I began to dabble in video editing and ended up with some paying contract jobs throughout the years, which further enhanced my experience. I am now proficient with some of the major non-linear video editing programs.

There are several challenges that go into creating a website — beginning with the design concept and visual representation  (i.e. creating a “design draft”), to making web scripts function for any type of web browser or interactivity, and finally to implementing search engine optimization (SEO) to get the page ranked high on Google and other search engines...that is...if you want a 'custom' made website to work for you.

For do-it-yourselfers and those others who are not fully experienced, the web development process can be far more time consuming than anticipated.  I am here to help you achieve your website goals, efficiently and cost-effectively, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

I reside in the Poconos, PA, right across the border from NJ, which allows for direct client contact in the Northern, NJ and PA areas.

LCS Webs - Servicing North Jersey and the Poconos, PA for your web design, web development, graphic design and video needs. Contact me for a quote.